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Consistently working with customers closely, ML cube team has a deep insight in how AI enhances your business

We believe that Artificial Intelligence will be part of our lives and design models for every business, becoming an inseparable part for products and services.

In this demanding scenario, we want to play a key-role supporting customers who choose to invest in AI with innovative tools to guarantee high-standards performance and a life-long maintenance of their AI system.

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We always work as a great team

Risorsa 2@1.5x

Nicola Caporaso

Risorsa 3@1.5x

Marcello Restelli

Scientific Advisor
Risorsa 4@1.5x

Nicola Gatti

Scientific Advisor
Risorsa 6@1.5x

Alessandro Nuara

Risorsa 5@1.5x

Francesco Trovò

Risorsa 7@1.5x

Alberto Marchesi

AI Specialist
Risorsa 1@1.5x

Alberto Metelli

AI Specialist
Risorsa 8@1.5x

Alessandro Lavelli

ML engineer
Risorsa 9@1.5x

Diego Piccinotti

ML Engineer
Risorsa 15@1.5x

Paolo Gianani

Advisory Board

Davide Testoni

Full Stack Developer
Risorsa 11@1.5x

Amedeo Cavallo

Applied Scientist
Risorsa 12@1.5x

Gianmarco Genalti

Applied Scientist
Risorsa 13@1.5x

Tommaso Dematté

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nicolò Brunello

Data Scientist

Davide Lombarda

ML Engineer
Risorsa 18@2x

Matteo Fabris

Data Scientist
Risorsa 19@2x

Nicole Gentile

Data Scientist
Risorsa 20@4x

Lorenzo Bisi

AI Specialist

Alexandre Pelloux

Data Scientist


Marco Mussi

PhD student

Alessio Russo

PhD student
Our mission

We help you not only apply AI to your business, but to make a success of it.

Our PhD-trained AI engineers can help you implement state of the art techniques for AI to deliver products that learn, adapt, and interact with their environment.

We have experience in developing tailored solutions — including complex machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision technologies — for entrepreneurs, startups, and Middle and Large companies.