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ML cube is a Politecnico di Milano spin-off innovative firm, part of Kayrhos Group, providing cutting-edge solutions for Machine Learning Systems and Life-Cycle-Management Optimization

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Industries We Are Transforming

Our team has gained deep experience in several economic sectors working closely with our customers to understand how AI can be exploited to improve their business.

E-commerce & Dynamic Pricing

Online Advertising

Business & Sales Forecasting



Industry 4.0



Our Solutions

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Machine Learning

Make accurate predictions and decisions from historical data.
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Game Theory

Learn multiple decision strategies in complex scenarios.
Reinforcement Learning, ML cube

Reinforcement Learning

Maximize the return in a sequential decision problem.
Deep Learning, ML cube

Deep Learning

Execute complex tasks by learning from a huge amount of raw data.
Transfer Learning, ML cube

Transfer Learning

Reuse acquired knowledge to learn new tasks.
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Extract valuable insights from large amounts of textual data.
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We have 1st ranking AI technologies and 20+ years of project management experiences

Customized and impactful AI solutions
Guaranteed AI model performance over time
Deep experience in managing applicative ML projects
ML cube Co-founders

A Team That Innovate Your Business

ML cube comes from Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria, research activities. It is the result of specific research lines in Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning and Optimization conducted by a brilliant and synergic team. Thanks to the combination of scientific excellence and managerial expertises, our team can comprehensively face new AI market challenges.

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Marcello Restelli

Scientific Advisor
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Nicola Gatti

Scientific Advisor
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Alessandro Nuara

Alberto Marchesi3 300x300, ML cube

Alberto Marchesi

AI Specialist
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Alberto Metelli

AI Specialist

Paolo Gianani

Advisory Board

Diego Piccinotti

ML engineer

Alessandro Lavelli

ML engineer


Marco Mussi - PhD student

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