MushroomRL: Simplifying Reinforcement Learning Research


Carlo D’Eramo, Davide Tateo, Andrea Bonarini, Marcello Restelli, Jan Peters


MushroomRL is an open-source Python library developed to simplify the process of implementing and running Reinforcement Learning (RL) experiments. Compared to other available libraries, MushroomRL has been created with the purpose of providing a comprehensive and flexible framework to minimize the effort in implementing and testing novel RL methodologies. The architecture of MushroomRL is built in such a way that every component of a typical RL experiment is already provided, and most of the time users can only focus on the implementation of their own algorithms. MushroomRL is accompanied by a benchmarking suite collecting experimental results of state-of-the-art deep RL algorithms, and allowing to benchmark new ones. The result is a library from which RL researchers can significantly benefit in the critical phase of the empirical analysis of their works. MushroomRL stable code, tutorials, and documentation can be found at


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